5 Best Times To Wear Migraine Shields To Find Relief

If you have perfect vision, it’s not habitual for you to think about wearing glasses. However, if you suffer from chronic migraine, a pair of glasses may be the tool that helps you achieve a “normal-ish” day. By wearing Migraine Shields in certain settings, you will not only find relief while undergoing a migraine attack but might be able to prevent one, too. So when are the best times to wear your Migraine Shields and see/feel the benefit? Check out our list below!

1. Big Box Stores

If you are light-sensitive and sufferer from migraine, most of our customers will claim that this is the #1 use for their glasses. Nothing is more debilitating for a migraine sufferer than having to go to Walmart and have a migraine attack hit you under the burning florescent lights. Next time you’re out, put on your Migraine Shields before entering the store and shop with ease and comfort. 

2. Computers, Phones, and Tablets

We as a society live on our devices, but unfortunately, the LED light emitted from our technology can be a migraine trigger. If you work on a computer 8+ hours a day, we recommend wearing your Migraine Shields even if you’re not having an attack. Our lenses block the light at 455 nm which is where the light peaks, and if you’re already shielding your eyes at this light intensity, you’re actively defending a future attack.

3. Driving At Night

If you already experience symptoms of light sensitivity or aura, city lights, rearview lights, and stoplights can be triggering. Next time you’re on the road in the evening, think about wearing your Migraine Shields. Our lenses provide relief for those nighttime lights to help you get to your destination safely.

4. At The Office

As previously mentioned, if you work at a computer, you’re already enduring a significant amount of light every day. However, when you’re working at a computer UNDER fluorescent lights at the office, it can be a migraine sufferers’ worst nightmare. Unfortunately, many companies don’t understand the impact migraine has on its employees, and many don’t have the option to call in sick while suffering from an attack. Add our glasses to your attack toolkit and have them on hand at work to feel instant relief.

5. During An Attack

This is a no brainer. Wearing your Migraine Shields to prevent an attack should definitely be a part of your relief plan, but when you are undergoing a migraine attack, our glasses will be your best friend. Regardless if you’re at work, running errands or at home on the couch, your Migraine Shields will immediately help you find relief from bright lights until you’re able to get to a place where you can crawl into bed.

We hope this list helps give you an idea of where our glasses can be most beneficial for you, but we’re curious to know, where do you wear your Migraine Shields?

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