How To Select Your Perfect Pair Of Migraine Shields

Our “Everyday Woman” collection has been quite the hit. We hope that you’re loving our new fashionable styles. However, with so many stylish options, we know it can be difficult to figure out what pair of glasses would best fit your face. Whether you have a round, oval, square or heart shaped face, we have a pair of glasses for everyone.

To get started, you will need to decide what frames fit your style, look best on your face shape and will be comfortable for long term wear.



Next, decide what lens you need! Our lenses are the perfect tool for a migraineur to have in their kit to help prevent and alleviate debilitating light sensitivity when an attack strikes. While we offer two different types of lenses to help during this incapacitating time, which one is best?


Just like it states above, this lens is the perfect solution for your day-to-day tasks. If you have your migraine under control with preventative medications or only suffer from attacks a few times a month, this is the lens for you.

Our Everyday Lens gives you full protection. It blocks 45% of blue light from your digital devices that emit at 455nm, which is 17x more than other blue light solutions. It also blocks over 93% of high energy visible light.


We suggest our Episodic Lens for those who have been diagnosed with chronic migraine or have more than 5+ attacks per month. The lens is slightly darker than our Everyday lens and will provide more relief when your symptoms are unbearable. 

Our Episodic Lens blocks 59% of blue light from your digital devices that emit at 455nm, which is nearly 20x more than other blue light solutions.


Now that you have your glasses, be sure to wear them as soon as you feel an attack coming and feel the immediate benefits. Our glasses also work as a preventive. Whether you wear them wearing at work, on your computer, out running errands, watching TV, while driving, etc. we hope that your brain feels instant relief and helps keep your looming migraine attack at bay.

Lastly, share how amazing you’re looking and feeling in your new glasses by sharing it on social media. Be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #MigraineShields #MigraineFreeFamily.

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