Manage Your Migraine During The Holidays

With Christmas and New Year’s just a few weeks away, the stress of visiting family, shopping, holiday treats, etc. all mixed in the middle of a pandemic can create the breeding ground for a migraine attack to ensue.

Despite the fact that holiday plans might look a little different this year, it’s still good to be prepared and have a plan to keep your attack at bay.

Manage Stress

The holidays are a joyful time but can also be stressful – and we know that stress is a migraine trigger for a lot of people. As you finish up your holiday shopping, be sure to take some time for yourself.

Whether that’s taking a hot bath with essential oils, exercising, lighting a candle and listening to music in a dark room, or treating yourself to a home spa treatment. Keeping your stress levels down will keep you in your best shape.

Pay Attention To What You Consume

This time of year is known for baked goods, alcohol, and delicious snacks. However, many holiday treats can contain ingredients that will trigger an attack. Foods such as chocolate, red wine, aged cheeses, nuts, and processed meats are a hit on the holiday table. If you know any of these might trigger you, stay clear. 

Try planning ahead and ask the host of the party you’re attending what’s on the menu. This could be the chance for you to bring your own party snack or treat that’s migraine friendly. 

We get it, it’s the holidays so you may want to indulge here and there. Just be mindful if you’re in a place where bright lights, noise and food could come together and knock you off your feet.

Have an Attack Plan


If you’re planning on gathering with family or friends this season, be sure to have a plan. When a bunch of people gather, the loud noise of conversation flowing might set you off. Be sure to scope out the meeting place beforehand and find a secluded room or bring a pair of earplugs.

Sometimes, just stepping away and turning the lights off might give  yourself a moment of peace that can make the difference in keeping your migraine attack from popping up.


The same goes for bright lights. If you know that lights may be a trigger, be sure to have your Migraine Shields with you. The great news about our glasses is that they protect your eyes from both blue light and fluorescent light at 455 nm.

Plus, if you need to wear them for instant relief from lights at a gathering, our tint is less of a talking point than other migraine glasses on the market.

Prioritize Yourself

People who suffer from Chronic Migraine often times feel alone, especially during the holidays when people don’t understand your disease. If you’re experiencing an attack, don’t feel bad saying no. If you have to, cancel your plans and take care of yourself. You’re not obligated to attend every event.

The holidays are a time of giving, but sometimes, you may need to give yourself the gift of self-compassion. Take care of yourself and your health, which means prioritizing yourself from time-to-time.

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