So you’ve just been diagnosed with chronic migraine and your neurologist suggests looking into a pair of “migraine glasses” to combat your light sensitivity. After a quick search through the internet you’ve stumbled on various brands that suggest their glasses will alleviate your pain. Rose, orange, yellow, and clear all start to jumble together and leave you feeling confused on what the best solution is for you. And if you’re not in the optical business, you may feel overwhelmed on what lenses will be the perfect fit.

While all these lenses out there definitely help with light sensitivity to an extent, our lenses have added benefits you won’t find with a pair of FL-41 lenses. So, what’s the difference?

Color Distortion 

By wearing FL-41 lenses too long you can impact the way you see colors. Think about it  by staring through rose tinted lenses for a lengthy period of time, your brain will start to adjust to the new perception. By wearing Migraine Shields, you will feel the relief from blocked LED light while still seeing “true-to-life color.” This is a game changer for anyone who suffers from chronic migraine and works on a computer 8+ hours a day.

FL-41 Blocks “Good Light”

LED lights are now the most common light source used today. These powerful and bright lights emit a very specific set of colors with varying intensity. The most intense color is blue, followed by green at about 50% less intensity, while emitting virtually little to no amber or red light. This is important to know because as reported by the Department of Ophthalmology in Harvard Medical School, blue light was shown to be most detrimental to migraine headache while green light appeared to have a soothing effect.

Unfortunately, specialty tints such as FL-41 for migraine can be very effective as they are designed to block around 50% of blue light, but the downside is that they also block the beneficial green light, too.  When wearing Migraine Shields, our lens technology is specifically designed to reduce LED blue light and maximize green to balance the amount of light entering the eye – causing light management and eye comfort for those suffering from an attack.

Migraine Shields Block at 455nm

And that’s where it matters indoors. Anyone who suffers from migraine knows that fluorescent lights make you feel miserable, but LED light also is a contributing factor to migraine attacks. Think about it like this: all of your digital devices and LED lights emit blue light from about 430 nm to 500 nm with an intense spike at ~ 455 nm.

Other tinted lenses such as FL-41 may provide relief from bright lights, but the reason they permanently distort color and have so much color is because they block at percentages of 480 to 520nm. Very few lights or devices emit light at those wavelengths, which makes the tint unnecessary.

More “Fashionable”

By no means are we competing with the likes of Kate Spade, but our lenses are much less noticeable than FL-41 lenses. As Kayla McCain stated in our Instagram Live, “I wanted something that didn’t make me feel like I was sticking out like a sore thumb. Migraine Shields are much more fashionable than rose tinted lenses.” By wearing Migraine Shields, you will experience the benefits of our lens technology without screaming to the world, “I suffer from migraine.”

Overall, we’re all in the business to help provide relief to anyone suffering from migraine. At the end of the day, we’re just happy to help anyone be able to leave their home, go to the grocery store all while looking and feeling their best!



Hi, these glasses are what I’ve been looking for since I was 20!! Fast forward 31 years…still need them. Now I wear progressive lenses though. Do you make fitovers? My sister & mom would also be interested.

Lori March 11, 2022

As much as I love your glasses, your website is migraine inducing. The small blue-grey lettering against a stark white background could be a problem for many others with migraines, myself included.

Tia Healing November 27, 2021

Do you offer prescription lenses?? If not now, when?

Dianne Stevens June 01, 2021

You reference a study that points to red and amber light being as painful as blue light. Yet you claim your glasses work a whole lot better because they allow in green, and let’s just forget every other color your glasses let in (green, amber, red etc). Pretty sure it doesn’t work that way according to the research. I haven’t found any studies showing blue light glasses blocking at 455 being effective for migraines nor light sensitivity. if I’m wrong, please update your article with the appropriate studies. Otherwise, it’s sad you’re preying on migraine sufferers, an already vulnerable population, when you’re selling overpriced off the shelf blue light lenses to those who don’t know better.

Maggie S. April 29, 2021

The Harvard study also shows amber and red light increasing head pain as much as blue light, don’t you need to block that light too?

Suzie December 07, 2020

Will you be making my grade shield as readers? The reason I can’t wear your glasses is because I need readers when I’m on the computer or a screen —so I need an all in one. Thank you

NICOLE H. Borneman August 27, 2020

Can’t wait until you have these glasses as readers too!

Sally August 27, 2020

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