Scary Migraine Symptoms People Live With Daily

October is typically a month of full of spooky movies and haunted houses designed to give you a fright, but people with migraine experience anxiety every day from a disease most of us are still trying to understand.

If you have had a migraine attack, you know that your symptoms stretch beyond a headache. However, most people don’t understand how scary migraine can be until you experience it yourself. That reason alone is why we wanted to share your “Scary Symptoms” this month to shed the light on the fact that migraine can rear its ugly head in many spooky ways.


Vertigo is scary. I went for months being told it was just anxiety until I figured it out. - Jacqueline @Butterpotdesigns


When I feel like I am starting to sink into the floor or feel like I'm in a dropping elevator. And don’t get me started on Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. - Kayla @True_Kaylaisms


Distorted vision, weak legs. - Nell


Double vision and Vertigo. – Alicia @mrs_migrainetastic


Full aura when I can't see or focus. - Megan


Right sided facial droop and weakness in my arms and legs. Also can't always speak clearly. – Miranda


Numbness in my right arm and hand and derealization with my Vestibular Migraine. – Brook @brookfindingbalance


Brain fog, dizziness, not being able to comprehend what you're doing in the moment. – Stefanie


Feeling like every new symptom that comes out of the blue means something bad.  Since November 2019, I don’t get those intense auras because I haven't broken mine, when an actual aura attack hits, I am soo scared. Brain zaps, body jolts, randomly hand and feet going numb and tingling randomly. – Isabelle


How unbalanced and dizzy I feel-especially when driving. - Miriam


Koss of feeling in my arm. - Courtney


Arm and leg weakness. feeling like the room is tilting! – Michelle


Thank you to everyone who share their "Scary Symptoms" with us this month. We are truly sorry that you have to experience symptoms ranging from the room tilting, melting into the floor and feeling like you're having a stroke.

Just know, you're not alone and we will all continue to raise awareness around the fact that migraine is more than a headache, and for many, it's a chronic INVISIBLE illness.

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