Set Attainable New Year's Resolutions With Chronic Migraine

At the beginning of a brand-new year, health is typically on the forefront of people’s minds. New Year’s resolutions of eating healthy and gym memberships always see an uptick in January. It’s great to set goals to improve your health if you’re a relatively healthy person, but those who suffer from any chronic illness would be thankful just to feel “normal.”

While someone living with chronic migraine might not be able to set goals of hitting the gym every day, there are ways to set attainable goals surrounding your current health status and how you might improve this year. 

Advocate For Yourself 

If you are still on your journey of finding the best treatment plan, don’t give up until you are seeing a difference. Too many times people find themselves complacent with their treatment options because their doctor isn’t either listening to your concerns or their medications aren’t helping.

In 2021, advocate for your health. Find the best doctor and treatment plan that helps you feel your best. 

Take Time For Rest and Rejuvenation

Too often are people trying to keep up with their peers. It’s important to give yourself grace and remember that you suffer from a neurological disease. If you need to cancel plans because you’re not feeling your best, do so. If you need to carve out a few hours a week for a massage, yoga, meditation, a hot bath, etc. – make time for it. You will only feel your best if you take the time to give your body what it needs. 

Try Alternative Treatments

As you explore treatment options with your doctor, don’t discount other natural treatments that are out there. Medication is one avenue to feeling your best, but other products and supplements can give you an extra boost on those bad migraine days. Whether you need Migraine Shields to combat the light or find that magnesium helps keep your head pain away, do your research and don’t rule out other avenues to help treat your chronic migraine.

Regardless of your goals in 2021, we hope that if anything, you put yourself first. Living with a chronic illness is difficult, especially when it’s invisible and not everyone understands what you’re experiencing. And remember, don’t compare yourself to others when setting your resolutions. A win for you could be just getting out of bed that day, which is an effort everyone in the migraine community can applaud.

So, keep yourself accountable. What are your goals for your health this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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