Sleep And Migraine: How To Combat Sleep Troubles With Migraine Shields

There are a lot of factors that come into play with migraine. Whether you’re eating foods that might trigger an attack or have a hormonal change that leaves you with a 7-day migraine episode, you never know what will keep you from feeling great one minute and awful the next.

Sleep is one of those factors.

When you’re experiencing a migraine attack, it can impact your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep and overall impacts if you can get a restful night. When that happens, it becomes a vicious circle. If you couldn’t get a good night’s rest the previous night, you can count on having another migraine attack.

While there are many products and supplements out there to help with sleep, some can also have adverse effects and cause migraine attacks by the properties included in the sleep aids. If you’re suffering from this never-ending migraine/sleep cycle, try giving Migraine Shields a try.

Yes, we’re known to help people who suffer from light sensitivity during an attack find relief, but our lens technology is also great at helping your brain shutdown at the end of the day. You’re already taking a ton of supplements for migraine, so we have a solution for you that doesn’t require melatonin products. Let Migraine Shields be both your attack tool and a preventative by helping you get a good night sleep.


Think of it like this. Natural melatonin production begins after the sun sets, but in this digital age, blue light from devices, televisions, and artificial LED lighting sends a signal to our brain that it’s not yet time to produce melatonin. If you wear Migraine Shields throughout the day to help with your migraine symptoms, it’s also clinically proven that by wearing them at least three hours before bed, you can shield your eyes from the high energy, short-wavelength light (blue light) that alters your sleep/wake behavior.

Ultimately, Migraine Shields can increase your melatonin levels, resulting in a good night’s rest, improved sleep, health, productivity, but most importantly, feeling migraine-free.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Does it affect your migraine? Let us know in the comments below.

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