“I began experiencing symptoms of a chronic condition called Vestibular Migraine in October of 2016. Unlike stereotypical migraine, I don’t experience headaches. In fact, when I’m having a migraine attack my strongest symptoms are dizziness, light sensitivity, and tinnitus. Vestibular Migraine is a rarer form of the disease, and when I was diagnosed there wasn’t a lot of information out there on how it can be treated. On my journey for a diagnosis, I saw several doctors in six months, and many prescribed medications to which I had adverse reactions like my hair falling out, increased anxiety, increased light sensitivity, complications with my asthma, etc. I finally found a Vestibular Neurologist in Dallas, TX, that was able to help me with supplements and less aggressive medications.

When you have no idea what’s happening to your balance and brain, it can be really scary. The dizziness and light sensitivity were so debilitating that I didn’t leave my house for the first few months because my body was physically rejecting the lights and sounds from grocery stores, restaurants, my office building, etc. It wasn’t until my husband had the idea to buy me a pair of yellow “gamer glasses” on Amazon that I started to get my life back. The gamer glasses were able to help shield me from the lights enough to get out of the house again. They did a good enough job to get me out, but they still weren’t removing the “eye floaters” (as I call them), or aura, that I was experiencing as a result of the light.

This all changed when I stumbled upon Migraine Shields. Migraine Shields’s Everyday lens was the first pair of glasses that I put on where I could function how I did prior to my diagnosis. Crazily enough, I have perfect vision, but wearing migraine glasses is imperative for me when I’m having a migraine attack. I work in marketing and staring at my computer for 8+ hours a day is not only hard for someone without chronic migraine, but when you are experiencing visual disturbances such as myself, it makes a huge difference. Since wearing Migraine Shields, my daily floaters have been reduced significantly and provide immediate relief when I put them on during an attack. It’s a noticeable difference when I don’t wear them in terms of my symptoms coming back. For me, I needed a solution that didn’t require medication, and I found that with Migraine Shields.”

What started out as a test quickly became something we had to rally behind confidently. We wanted other migraineurs to experience the relief that Kayla McCain had experienced. We created something that supports a migraineur’s lifestyle. It’s a major increase in relief that in comparison to other treatments is a fraction of the cost. You’re going to love how Migraine Shields changes your life for the better.

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