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On average, a migraineur may spend upwards of $2000-$9000 a year on various migraine therapies such as traditional medication, gadgets, and even electroshock therapy at its worst.


Migraine Shields focus on the lenses first, frames second.

Our solution

Migraine Shields produced therapeutic migraine glasses at a price point that is both significantly reducing therapy costs as well while bringing a sense of relief for just $99. At just 1% an acute migraineur's normal annual cost, you'll begin to notice a difference in and reduction in pain due to light sensitivity and improved sleep.

Why Migraine Shields

Good for you

Migraine Shields is a naturopathic option so it naturally helps your body do what it does best and return to homeostasis.

Blue-light blocking

Through our clinically proven lens technology,

Migraine Shields absorbs 45% of the most triggering blue-light waves.

Made for light sensitivity

Shutting the lights off because of the headache?

Our lenses help to provide relief for the number on trigger symptom, light sensitivity.

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What we believe

What started out as a test quickly became something we had to rally behind confidently. We wanted other migraineurs to experience the relief that Migraine Strong had experienced. We created something that supports a migraineur’s lifestyle, with an option for a flexible prescription or no prescription at all. It’s a major increase in relief that in comparison to other treatments is a fraction of the cost. You’re going to love how Migraine Shields changes your life for the better.

We’re so confident, we have a 60-day guarantee.

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